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Earn more from your properties today!

Socios BNB is a full service short term rental company that helps real estate investors increase their monthly cashflow.

Want to increase your net cashflow? We got you covered.

Partner with us and start earning more. Whether you own single or multi family properties, we can help you earn more. Our service is a done-for-you complete solution that allows you to earn higher than market rents on every one of your vacant units. We handle all management so you can enjoy the same hands off cash flow!

About Socios BNB

We are a full service short term rental company that helps real estate investors increase their monthly cash flow. We partner with owners to help them make more money each month as well as lease properties directly. If you’d like to learn more about what we offer our clients and how we can help you earn more with your properties, please contact us today!

Vacation Rental Management Just Got Better, we’ll put your property in front of millions, book up your calendar, and give you the edge to earn more — all for an industry-low 20% fee.

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1. List your property with us

We partner with owners to share in the revenue and we also lease vacant units directly. 

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2. We do it all from A-Z

You do nothing more than you do today, only you now can earn more than market rent.

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3. You put more in your pocket!

Enjoy more cash with less headaches and get back to doing what you love to do.

AirBNB Services

Whether you want to start the AirBNB business or you are already an active member of this platform, you will need our services…

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